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Autumn Term Newsletter

You'll find updates for the Early Career Framework, Appropriate Body and NPQs.

Early Career Framework Updates


  • This half-term has been busy registering all new Early Career Teachers (ECTs). We are proud to report that we have registered 460 new Early Career Teachers and 364 Mentors. We wish all ECTs and Mentors every success as they embark on their two-year Early Career Development Programme (ECPDP).
  • This half-term (for the first time) we ran large face-to-face Regional Training events in Southampton and Portsmouth for our Year 2 ECTs. Over 120 ECTs attended each event, and each opened with an excellent keynote from Clare Belli from Southampton Inclusion Partnership about ‘Every teacher is a teacher of SEND’. ECTs were able to meet in phase specific groups lead by expert facilitators. You can see a glimpse of the day here and read about what participants have told us below:
    • “Massive thank yu to all who organised - You did a brilliant job, and it was much appreciated!"
    • "My Year 2 ECTs came back absolutely buzzing from the training event yesterday. They were very impressed with the ‘every teacher is a SEND teacher’ address to all participants and the session they attended was superb."
    • “I really enjoyed working in Key Stage teams this year - made a difference especially as I teach in the EYFS.”
  • We have also been busy running Local Training events for our new Year 1 ECTs and Mentors. ECTs explored positive behaviour management and cognitive architecture whilst Mentors reflected on the ECPDP curriculum and instructional coaching.
  • We would like to thank all our excellent facilitators who continue to support our delivery of the ECPDP – thank you!

Looking Ahead

  • Communication about the ‘Mentor Buddy System’ will come out before half-term, so do watch out for this.
  • An updated document with key dates for block release materials, milestones and event dates will be sent out to Induction Tutors before half-term. This document will include the dates for all current cohorts as well as January and April Cohort Bs that will start in 2023.
  • ECTs and Mentors will be able to book onto their Spring Term’s training sessions via the Educational Development Trust’s website after half-term.

Key Reminders

  • To help manage cohorts of ECTs and their mentors we will be labelling cohorts as A or B cohorts depending on whether the cohort started in the academic year 21/22 or 22/23. For example, September Cohort A (September 2021 starters) and September Cohort B (September 2022 starters).
  • April Cohort A (April 2022 starters) should book onto Local Training Sessions and Regional Training Events with the September Cohort B. This way they will benefit from the networking opportunities a bigger cohort will provide.
  • The Blocks that participants should be currently working on are:
    • September Cohort A: Blocks 7&8
    • January Cohort A: Blocks 5&6
    • April Cohort A: Blocks 3&4
    • September Cohort B: Blocks 1&2
  • Induction Tutors can monitor block completion of their ECTs and Mentors by using the ‘Report’ section on the EDT Online Learning Platform. Mentors can also monitor their ECT’s block completion via the same tab. A useful video of how to navigate this can be found in the ‘Help’ section of the EDT Online Learning Platform.
  • We continue to update our website with key information about the ECF and ECPDP which includes DfE the latest announcements about funding ECTs and Mentors. Visit it by following this link.
  • Please continue to contact Justine Briant (our ECF Administrator) with any queries/ questions:
  • If schools do need to e-mail the DfE directly about registration issues please use the following e-mail address:
Appropriate Body Updates


  • Schools have been busy registering their new ECTs with HISP Appropriate Body, and we are pleased to report that we are now supporting over 800 ECTs across 182 schools. The Teacher Regulation Agency’s (TRA) window for registering an ECT’s induction assessment programme to start 1st September 2022 will close on 19th October 2022.

Looking Ahead

  • Next half-term, Induction Tutors will need to carry out their formal observations of their ECTs to support their reporting of the progress their ECTs are making. Dates for reporting deadlines are based on full-time ECTs and can be found on our website by following this link.
  • A briefing for Induction Tutors to prepare them for the reporting process will be held on Wednesday 2nd November 2022 at 4pm. This briefing will cover:
    • A review f the evaluation of formal assessments including the sample of the Teachers’ Standards Evidence Form that took place in the summer term
    • The nuts and bolts of reporting
    • Report writing best practice

Key Reminders

  • ECTs Induction Tutors should:
    • Ensure their ECT has statutory entitlements - an ECT must not teach more than 90% of the timetable of the school’s existing teachers on the main pay scale and in the second-year induction must not teach more than 95%.
    • Hold a half-termly meeting with their ECT to discuss and monitor progress against the Teacher Standards.
    • Ask t see their ECT’s Teacher Standards Evidence Form and the evidence they are collecting against each standard. ECTs need three pieces per standard by the end of the two-year induction.
    • Formally observe their ECT recording this observation on HISP Appropriate Body paperwork
  • Our website holds all the relevant paperwork for Induction Tutors and has lots of other useful information and links. Please visit it by following this link.
  • Please do remember to inform us if there are any concerns with your ECTs and if there are any changes to roles, contracts or personal details, so we can update ECT Manager and the TRA.
  • Please continue to contact Emma Gerrard (our Appropriate Body Administrator) with any queries/ questions:
NPQ Updates


NPQs are specialist and leadership professional development qualifications for teachers and school leaders.

We are working in partnership with Education Development Trust and Best Practice Network.

Click here to view a DfE blog post to hear from some NPQ participants as to why now is the perfect time to take an NPQ.

Click here to read more about our delivery partnership with the Best Practice Network of their NPQ programmes from Autumn 22.

NPQ Applications

Applications for our October 22 (Cohort 3) NPQs are now closed

Applications for our February 23 (Cohort 4) NPQs close on: 1 February 2023 

Click here to apply now to join Cohort 4 NPQ Programme.